I Am a singer

Singing is my way of being... I sing when happy... I sing when sad... I love performing, touching people, making beautiful harmonies, telling stories and... groove! Whether I sing in a theatre production or in a band, I always give it my all!

The Things I do... you name it, I do it!
Wedding ceremonies, parties, special occasions, concerts.

I Am a songwriter

I write lyrics for the Bands I work with. The proces of creating a song is always different but one thing is always in it: my own experience and the love I feel I want to share. I hope you enjoy my work!

I Am an actress

It’s like taking on a different skin with the old one just beneath it. While you get ready to come into character there’s always a part of yourself present in the performance, but going through a whole database of emotions while you bring the character across is a wonderful challenge, I’ve been known to appear strong and powerful onstage and subtile but yet sparkling on camera.

I Am a coach

Yes, I can coach you if you want to audition for theatre- or music-schools,  or want to improve your vocal skills. I Am a SPIRITUAL and MENTAL coach too! As I was always interested in meditation and spirituality, mainly to try and make my life, and the way I experienced it, better. Things changed but never as much and as profound as with the I AM Academy in Haarlem! The teachings were so strong, down to earth and uplifting, it healed a lot of energy blocks in me and prepared me to teach this beautiful path to others. It’s practical and works fast! Check out what this ‘I Am’ means and book a session, online or Live in Haarlem, Alkmaar or Deventer. www.iam-meditatiecoach.nl>>